Meet The Dropup Team

The Dropup Agency’s team of elite marketing and technology professionals are eager to infuse innovation into your branding strategy. We specialize in digital modernization, implementing creative ways to help you more uniquely connect with customers. 
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The Dropup Agency

The Dropup Agency team consists of some of the most elite marketing and technology professionals from around the world. With a focus on providing superior results, we pride ourselves on being thoughtful listeners, innovative thinkers and unique problem solvers.

Are you looking to launch a new product, build your digital presence or connect better with current and future customers? If so, it’s time to #dropup.


Our Mission

At The Dropup Agency, we take a deliberate and strategic approach to better understand every angle of your business. What are your current and future goals? What are you doing to achieve these goals and what is holding you back? The Dropup mission is simple: help bridge the gap between your current challenges and long-term vision to help grow your business.

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We believe branding is a process.

We believe you have a story to tell.

We want to help share that story.

Shawnee Blocker

Principal & CEO

Gary Schechner

Director, Head of Digital Strategy

Nick Surface

Director, Head of Growth Marketing

Aleksandra Toropova

Director, Head of Marketing & Branding

Stephen Ludwig

Advisor, Branding Strategy

Randy Barker

Business Development & Technology

Neil Milam

Culture & Human Capital Management

David Cavazos

Business Development & Partnerships

Erik Kullenberg

Advisor, Motorsport Division

Max Fuerst

Content Creation & Video Production

Sam Statser

Media & Production

Paul Mata

Director, Motorsport Division

Lloyd Ward

General Counsel 

Phil Offill

Advisor, Legal

Randall Reed

Advisor, Automotive Division

Don Yount

Advisor, Motorsport Division

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