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The Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation honors the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding business leaders in our State by celebrating their story to perpetuate their entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, and community leadership in all generations of Texans. 

Project Summary

The Texas Business Hall of Fame rewards up and coming business leaders who demonstrate an early inclination toward community involvement through its Future Legends Scholar Award Program.  This program is active in 25 universities around the State and is made possible through the contributions of dinner attendees, former scholar award recipients, and Hall of Fame Legends who choose to support the scholar award program.

Texas Business Hall of Fame

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2020 Texas Legends

Mark Cuban

John Paul Dejoria

John C. Goff

Morton H. Meyerson

Gerald Smith

Randall Stephenson


Teaming up with the Scholar Alumni Association and Texas Business Hall of Fame, the vision is to help bridge the gap and create a strong community of determined entrepreneurs from all across the state of Texas along with the 200+ TBHF Legends that have been presented with this opportunity of mentoring and providing direct insight. This very prestigious award is given to 35 unique students each year from 20 different universities across our great state and notable TBHF Legends include: Warren Buffett, Ross Perot, Kelcy Warren, President George H.W. Bush, Kendra Scott, Mark Cuban and 200+ outstanding business leaders who have made impactful contributions to their community and to the state of Texas. Check out the full list of TBHF Legends here: https://www.texasbusiness.org/legends.


With over 700 students that have received the Future Texas Business Hall of Fame Legends Scholarship, we are determined to unite this group of highly motivated business leaders.  As an Alumni Association member, you are part of a legacy of exceptional students and entrepreneurs in an exclusive network of business professionals and Legends throughout our state.  Dropup was honored to be involved, helping to provide innovative ways to build our community, from social media campaigns and provide compelling marketing material. We’re excited to see what difference we can help make with startups all around Texas.

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As we strive for perfection, our vision became clear on the direction of design. Nothing says Texas better than Red, White and Blue. By utilizing the brand’s current color scheme and applying that to a variety of marketing material, our goal is to create concise, compelling and consistent campaigns that adds value and recognizability to the brand.



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